July 16 2019

Damn Simple Programming

In chrome, go to view->Developer->Developer Tools. Click the console tab.

Copy paste the snippet below. Read it and then hit Enter.

// <- this means I'm writing a comment.  Comments are for humans to read.  Not computers.

//I want to write a story with my computer.
//My story is going to be made up of words, or text.

//The computer understands this type of information as a string
//It will know a string is a string when the text is wrapped in quotes:

'This is a string'

//The computer can understand that, but it has no idea what to do with it.
//So it quickly forgets about it.

//To remember my story, I can ask the computer to put certain information inside a container.
//The computer calls this container a variable.

//The computer and I can communicate using variables.

//I tell the computer to create a variable called story.
//and I ask the computer to store a string inside of it.

var story = 'This is the beginning of my story.';

//Now I can ask the computer to log my story to the console.